Laundry & Catering

LEAD Laundry and Catering (Pty) Ltd is the foremost supplier of Laundry equipment in Southern Africa, representing world leading brands that include Jensen, Speed Queen, Girbau, and Ipso.

The products range in application from those used in coin-operated laundries to sophisticated tunnel washers found in the world’s largest industrial laundries, and it’s customers range in size from the smallest Bed and Breakfast to Central Processing Plants handling linen in hygienic conditions for upwards of 16 hospitals at one location. Therefore we divide our laundry equipment in two different categories: Commercial laundry and Industrial on-premise laundry.

Laundry & Catering

From the world’s largest commercial laundry companies, this ‘best of breed’ equipment allows users to find a solution for each washing process with the objective at all times of achieving the best washing ac on with the lowest possible energy consumption. Equipment with unparalleled track records in standing up to any commercial laundry challenge. No compromises in build quality or in performance make these the most pro table machines in the industry – without exception. Stacked washer/Drier combination also available where space prohibits multiple single washers and driers.

Industrial On-Premise Laundry

On-Premise Laundry equipment aimed generally but not exclusively at the following market sectors: Hospitality, Healthcare, Mining, Commercial Laundries, Correctional facilities, Restaurants, Veterinary Clinics, Spas and Salons, Farming establishments, Equestrian Estates, Factories and industry in general. Also appropriate for specialized applications including Barrier washers and Sluice machines for the Healthcare environment, and washer extractors catering to the specific needs of Fire Departments, the Military, and the Food Services industry. Equipment that requires speed, flexibility, durability and low operating costs. Therefore our washer extractors and tumble driers in this area is specialized in taking care of big orders in a good pace. In addition we also specialize in finishing, for this area in big scale.


The company also represents leading European brands Fagor in the Industrial Catering equipment sector where it delivers professional equipment and advice from quali ed chefs in everything from the smallest bar to the largest industrial kitchens in everything from the most sophis cated Hotels, to the remotest mining camps in Africa. Professional industrial catering equipment + advice. Horizontal cooking, Dishwashing, Ver cal cooking + Refrigera on by top quality brand Fagor for the commercial kitchen.

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