Digital mammography has proven to enhance the efficiency of breast cancer screening. Today Philips solutions based on the unique photon counting technology bring a further advancement in digital mammography: outstanding image quality at a dramatically reduced X-ray dose. Digital Mammography Digital Mammography More Connect with Philips

MicroDose SI
Digital low dose spectral mammography

Product number: 714047US

Philips MicroDose mammogxraphy SI with single-shot spectral imaging delivers proven dose efficiency, outstanding image quality, and non-invasive spectral applications in one fast and comfortable mammogram and is designed to be the platform for future advanced applications such as spectral tomosynthesis.

  • Photon counting technology for exceptional images at low dose and Spectral Imaging applications
  • 50 μm pixel size for more clinical detail
  • Elimination of 95% of the scattered radiation
  • MicroDose SI uses a slim detector that “scans” the breast and counts the X-ray photons one-by-one