Our radiography solutions are highly customizable. From mobile units to complete digital X-ray rooms, we can provide a radiography solution that fits your workflow and budget. If your application-mix changes or your budget allows, all our radiography systems are prepared for upgrade. We’ve got 100 years experience – you’ve got a future-proof X-ray system.

Cost effective radiography system
Product number: NOCTN364

With digital radiography systems that reflect a sensible marriage of function and fiscal responsibility, your patients benefit from fast and smooth examinations. Your facility benefits from a reputation for quality, by offering reliable imaging services based on Philips proven technology.

  • Productive solutions
  • Eleva efficiency
  • Lightweight wireless portable detector
  • Saving time and effort

Cost effective radiography system
Product number: NOCTN364

PrimaryDiagnost gives you access to a Philips radiography system with an excellent price/performance ratio. Capable of a wide range of exam types, it will boost your clinical confidence, help deliver fast diagnoses, and expand your medical services.

  • The essence of radiography
  • Fast, accurate positioning
  • Handles mixed exam types
  • Harmonized user interface


Experience premium digital radiography productivity, with high performance rooms and flexible rooms right through to a cutting edge emergency set-up. Choose the configuration suited to your applications, workflow and budget.

  • Grid-like contrast
  • Lightweight wireless portable detector
  • Share it as you like
  • Eleva – the common platform

DigitalDiagnost C50

This performance oriented ceiling mounted digital X-ray system with a fixed or wireless detector, motorized auto-tracking, a fully digital workflow, and UNIQUE image processing, delivers diagnostic quality images for fast, efficient exams.

  • Extended clinical capability
  • Ease of operation
  • Quality digital X-ray images
  • Patient focused workflow
  • Powerful post-processing

MobileDiagnost Opta
Mobile X-ray system

A powerful, lightweight and compact portable digital X‐ray machine optimized for all-round performance and fast return on investment.

  • Small form factor fits tight spaces
  • Quick repeatable exam quality with digital detector
  • Only 3 clicks to exam completion
  • Supports a full range of procedure types

MobileDiagnost M50
Mobile digital X-ray system

This small, fast and flexible mobile digital X-ray system delivers quality diagnostic images on a managed budget. The superb ease-of-use and wireless workflow offers a wide range of diagnostic capabilities to a busy imaging department.

  • Easy access to tight spaces
  • Ease-of-use with wireless workflow
  • Wide range of diagnostic capabilities
  • 3 clicks to a complete exam

MobileDiagnost wDR
Mobile digital radiography system

With MobileDiagnost wDR, the story of DR access and flexibility from Philips continues. MobileDiagnost offers premium solutions for quality images and excellent X-ray dose management. Delivering DR where you need it, when you need it.

  • Mobile X-ray system can access all hospital areas
  • Fast, high-quality images enhance patient experience
  • UNIQUE image processing for consistent image quality
  • Eleva user interface to simplify workflow

MobileDiagnost wDR 2.1
Mobile digital X-ray system with sliding column

This robust, mobile system offers a sliding column that moves down and out of the way for a clear view of your surroundings. This clear field of vision allows for outstanding workflow, as maneuverability is enhanced when accessing challenging spaces in the OR, ER, ICU, and general ward.

  • Excellent visibility for easy access
  • Seamless workflow
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Light, portable, wireless detector
  • Work fast and freely